The End of The World is The Change We Need

This world is slowly dying and not only because of the pollution or any things that are connected with environment. This place is getting as cruel as it can and as boring as it could ever be. So the first good thing about knowing that World would come to the end is there wouldn’t be such a thing as people. People now days are taking care only after themselves, they are selfish and self-centered. There are many sick things going on in this world and being a murderer isn’t even close to this sickness. The second thing why this world should come to an end is because of the advertisements and those miserable zombies who catch on these hooks like little ‘fishies’. Commerce is one thing that makes this world hopeless, it repeats it self again and again, and again; the only thing that changes are the look, thought remains the same “buy more, think less”. The third thing; if we knew that World really would come to an end; these all things would change to opposite. We would regret all things that we did wrong; maybe some one of lucky ones would understand the meaning of life. World would become a much happier place to live. In conclusion what we need is a fake thought that World would crush to ashes; in that case we could live as every moment would be the last; people would do some crazy stuff, that would make their lives exciting and they would appraise the value of life. There still would be some hopeless ones who would do nothing and live their boring lives but world would come to an end anyway and that would stop this bullshit what’s going on around us and inside us.

By Ieva C.



~ by eiva uz novembris 12, 2011.


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